COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. Our teams have consistently demonstrated a spirit of resilience. With vaccines now more widely available, we have another way to protect ourselves, our families and the communities we serve.

Have you been vaccinated? 

You can share your pride and support of this critical public health measure with your colleagues and external stakeholders. 

Download one of these e-frames or an e-signature block to celebrate your vaccination milestone. Enter your details to be automatically entered into the draw to win a $200 voucher! 

Check out the different ways to use these frames and don’t forget to enter your details to win!

You can easily add the frame to your Transdev e-signature if you prefer not to use your image.

To add the signature, simply go to Outlook and select File > Options > Mail > Signatures

Open your signature of choice and insert the image into your signature. 

Download the e-signature graphic- (Blue)

Download the e-signature frame – (Red)
Download the e-signature frame – (Purple)

You can promote your vaccine status to external stakeholders by overlaying your profile pic or adding the promo graphic as a picture to your post. This gives you an opportunity to share the milestone with your network in a post and highlight some of the reasons vaccination is important to you.

Download the circle frame


Instructions on adding frame graphic to your profile pic

Tip: check the optimal size of the image for your social media platform. For example, Linked In has details on the best size image. Each platform is slightly different. Please reach out to [email protected] if you need some assistance 🙂

Enter to win a $200 voucher! Each month, kicking off in August and running until the end of 2021, we will randomly select a winner using an online draw from Australia and New Zealand. Add your details to enter.