Safety: at the heart of our corporate culture

The safety of persons and property is an absolute necessity, shared by all of our employees. “Safety first” is the foundation upon which is built, day after day, a relationship of trust, respect and partnership with our customers, passengers and teams. It is an important part of the Group’s common culture, supported by safety correspondents who are in constant communication in order to pass on and duplicate best practices.


Our systematic approach to safety management includes organisational structures, responsibilities, policies and procedures. To approach the zero accidents objective, our tools are organised around four pillars:

  • SMS (Safety Management System) which constantly monitors and checks compliance with the standards in force within the Group together with dedicated audit and monitoring teams:
    • custom-designed system that takes into account the size and complexity of local activities (heavy rail, light rail, road and marine activities) as well as risks related to interfacing with third parties (contractors and service providers);
    • consistent with the international standard ISO 45001 version 2018 “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems” and complies with all other national and international regulatory requirements for “System Safety”;
    • 150 compliance audits every year concerning around 100 requirements;
  • key performance indicators (KPI): each quarter, monitoring of key performance indicators for Safety (accidents at work, injured passengers or third parties, number of collisions, incivilities, etc.) and implementation of targeted action plans to continue to improve;
  • training: safety certification required for 3,000 managers through e-learning. Our recruitment and training processes have been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard;
  • ten safety principles” for all our employees, resulting from a collaborative process with all safety experts in the 20 countries where we operate.

More than the tools, it’s the sharing of experience that counts. Each year, I bring together all of the safety managers to discuss the events they’ve gone through and the solutions they have developed. This is how we continuously improve our safety performance.

Eddy Verbesselt, group safety director

The 10 Transdev safety principles

  1. Promote a culture of safety by example
  2. Zero tolerance for alcohol or drugs
  3. You are responsible for your safety and for the safety of others
  4. Strict respect of procedures: No “more or less”
  5. Report dangerous situations immediately
  6. Observe all signs, signals and speed limits
  7. Always wear your personal protective equipment
  8. Keep your workspace clean and your tools well maintained
  9. Report and analyse all incidents immediately
  10. Share your experiences and your best practices with your colleagues

The "Safety Trophy": a big thank you to our employees

Convinced that safety is our primary duty, we organise every year a “Safety Trophies” award within our Group to reward the best initiatives from our employees. The 2017 winners, with very different professions and geographical origins, embody the commitment and dedication of our teams to ensure everyone’s safety, at all times:

  • Safety Commitment Trophy: since the beginning of his career, Joe Conway (Operations Officer in charge of Standards, Ireland, Dublin – Luas Network) has been involved in all safety aspects of network operation and has contributed to the pre-open line extension tests;
  • Safety Innovation Trophy: together with his team, Gilmo Ku (Signage Technician, South Korea, Seoul – Line 9) developed and implemented an alarm signal system to prevent unauthorised signal crossings;
  • Safety Hero Trophy: when his train caught fire, Gunnar Carlsson (Train Driver, Sweden – Krösatåg Operation) demonstrated his technical prowess and composure by leading his passengers to a safe location, where they were then rescued;
  • Safety Performance Trophy: Wayne Cliffor (Regulatory Assistant, Ireland, Dublin – Luas Network) actively participated in the research and implementation of solutions to prevent accidents with pedestrians, cyclists, etc.

It is thanks to the personal commitment of everyone in regards to safety that we can build, day after day, a relationship of trust, respect and partnership with our customers, our passengers and our employees.

Thierry Mallet, CEO of Transdev Group

Did you know?

We are always looking out for new solutions to ensure the highest safety of our fleets. This has led us to create a tool that alerts drivers at the first sign of fatigue, drowsiness or distraction.

Its principle? Based on a face-tracking technology (analysis of micro-movements of the eyes and head), and coupled with environmental data (coming from the GPS system, clock or accelerometer), the “Toucango” system provides assistance to the driver (connected navigation support and punctuality support) and to warn him or her if needed (micro-sleep alert and distraction alert).

A true partner in safety!