Engaged in the energy and ecological transition

As a major operator in public transport, we are naturally engaged in the fight against global warming. This is our first fight. 


Invested locally, we propose integrated mobility systems which extend our public transport services with alternative solutions (on demand transport, shared car and bike offers, pedestrian paths, parking-relays, etc.). Focused on the needs of our customers, we operate and develop all of the possibilities offered by the digital technologies to create multi-modal mobility making public transportation easy and reducing the use of personal cars.

We are convinced that we must continue to go farther: we are constantly innovating to limit the impact of transport on the environment through the use of alternative energies to “fossil fuels” and reduce our carbon footprint. We develop transport systems that integrate increasing numbers of clean vehicles running on “green” energies (NGV, hybrid, hydrogen or electric buses). These efforts have helped make us the number one European operator of zero emission mobility.

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Did you know?

Living Lab Electric Bus

To experiment with environmentally friendly transportation solutions, we created the Living Lab Electric Bus which brings together operators, electromobility experts and local authorities.

It is a common point of exchange and sharing, focused on prospective topics related to the ecological transition. The project has led to the development of many concrete initiatives, making Transdev a recognized expert of new mobility solutions with our pilot communities.

The Living Lab has held events in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, and in Nice and Enghien-les-Bains in France.

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Committed to working closely with regions

Thanks to our multi-modal mobility solutions, we accompany our passengers as far as they want to go. We are actively involved in opening up of certain mobility deserts. It is our commitment to the harmonious development of regions: offering custom designed solutions that fit the specific needs of local populations.


Being close to everyone’s needs also means transporting the most vulnerable populations. Attentive to the inclusion of everyone and to our role as a promoter of social cohesion, we strive to make our services as accessible as possible. We also promote these values of social inclusion as a local employer.


Integrated in the economic fabric of the regions, we are committed to creating links with our partners and suppliers based on our ethics and our values of transparency, in compliance with labour laws.

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Did you know?

Since 2015, we have been working on a pilot initiative on the positive economy, and participate in the Positive Economy Forum, which takes place every year in Le Havre. We are the only one among our competitors to calculate the positivity index of our Group with our partner Positive Economy Advocacy.

responsabilité sociétale, transition énergétique et écologique, engagement

Engaged every day

Passionate about their profession, engaged every day with passengers and regions, our employees are convinced that they can all participate in the creation of social bonds and help transform mobility. True heroes of daily life, our drivers offer a service that is close to the passengers, animated by a human touch and a spirit of public service.

Attracting and retaining talent and maintaining and increasing the commitment of new hires is fundamental to our sustainable growth. We have three convictions in regard to human resources: collaboration, dialogue and employee development.


In a rapidly changing mobility sector, we make managerial innovation a priority: integration of employees (Trans’Days), development of the start-up spirit (Innov’Cluster international incubator), partnerships with universities and think tanks.

Present in twenty countries on six continents, we are resolutely committed to fighting discrimination and increasing diversity: we resemble all of our customers, in order to better serve them.


Energy transition, anchoring in the regions, employee commitment: three axes on which our commitment for sustainable development is built today