Our digital innovations at the service of customers

In order to offer powerful digital solutions, we observe customer behaviours as closely as possible. This has allowed us to implement certain technological or methodological elements to optimise our innovations.

  • The MaaS (Mobility as a Service) philosophy permeates all our innovations.
  • We have installed an entire range of CRM tools to support our digital marketing efforts.
  • We have created a dedicated and transversal Traveller Customer department within our Group.
  • We have implemented the T.ex and Going for Care programmes, which put the customer at the heart of our activities.

Everything converges on the same idea: each customer has its own needs, emotions and behaviours, which are not always completely rational. Our digital tools and our customer surveys have been designed to allow local authorities and companies, who wish to develop an efficient and user-friendly transport network, to grasp these differences and create an individual understanding of their customers.


Because our employees on the ground are best placed to understand the day-to-day experiences of our passengers, we've created the T.ex programme. Its main features? The study, analysis and co-creation of improvement vectors are assigned to the employees themselves. The innovation in the area of customer experience was awarded the 2016 Palme d'Or award for best customer relations from the AFRC (French Customer Relations Association)

Our employees: the first "sensors" of the customer experience

Developing truly innovative customer knowledge and service tools is impossible without the efforts of our employees; they are the ones who make our quality of service a reality, day after day. Who is better placed than them to understand customer needs and communicate with them?

That is why Transdev will always have a dual approach to the customer experience: while digital innovation is essential to ensuring fluid, personalised and efficient mobility, it must be accompanied by a feedback from our employees and by their understanding of customers on the ground. In our line of business, the human touch remains fundamentally important. Moreover, the Group’s values reflect this conviction.

Did you know?

2017 Best Customer Initiative Prize in Spain

In Barcelona, the TRAM tramway operator received the 2017 prize for Best Customer Initiative for its implementation of an efficient organisation for lost objects: the system helps more than 700 passengers every year quickly find their lost objects, and any unclaimed objects are given to charitable organisations.