Progressing to autonomy

Our belief is that shared autonomous transport is set to radically change the way we travel and live, helping to make more inter-connected, accessible and sustainable communities. New autonomous transportation systems provide a valuable opportunity to provide first and last mile for communities across the region.


Already in Australasia we are seeing autonomous and on-demand transport change the way that our passengers commute, with more consumers becoming accustomed to technology playing a greater role in their transportation. 


Transdev are global leaders in autonomous mobility and we are eager to apply our global expertise to further integrate the technology throughout Australia and New Zealand.

passengers have travelled on Transdev shared autonomous transport services since 2005
have been clocked up by Transdev autonomous vehicles across the globe

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Offering night or off-peak services

How can we enable people to travel at night, when traditional transport networks are not operating, or in off-peak periods, when transport services are reduced? Autonomous vehicles represent a transport option that complements traditional networks, providing solutions when buses, metro systems and trams are not running

+2,8 km
will be covered at night-time between Massy and Palaiseau
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Providing access to a private site or site with restricted access

What do business parks, ports, airports, hospitals, industrial sites and nuclear power stations all have in common? They are all private sites or sites with restricted access. Consequently, how can we make it easier for workers and visitors to travel to and within these areas, where access is limited and often prohibited for personal vehicles?

employees affected
companies in Rungis affected
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Facilitating access to a city centre or tourist attraction

Accessing a city centre, tourist attraction, leisure complex or shopping centre represents a specific problem due to pedestrian areas, the management of arrival flows (by public transport or by car) and the challenge of facilitating access to such sites.


people per shuttle
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Providing transport to the nearest station or stop

How can we enable the residents of an area to easily get to their closest metro station or tram stop?

How can we make it easier for travellers to reach their final destination?

How can we offer families, students and pensioners customised transport to enable them to enjoy themselves, learn and get medical treatment?


people serving
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A dedicated Autonomous Transport Systems team

  • A team of more than 40 local and international experts from all relevant business sectors 
  • Expertise in automotive, robotics, artificial intelligence and shared transport
  • Multi-manufacturer positioning (EasyMile, 2GetThere, Navya, etc)
  • Exclusive partnerships with major players including Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Lohr
  • Collaborations with recognised players (IRT SystemX, VEDECOM, SYSNAV, EGISELEC, etc)

We are the only public transport operator with a Research & Development Division, made up of highly-specialised individuals. 

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David Le Breton

The i-Cristal electric autonomous shuttle designed for the shared mobility of tomorrow

01 Transdev Transportation Technology built into the i-Cristal shuttle to ensure it operates smoothly and safely in urban traffic

02 Different types of sensors provide the vehicle with a 360° vision

03 The shuttle is accessible to passengers with reduced mobility thanks to its low floor and access ramp

voiture autonome Transdev

Management of the entire value chain

  • From the first design stages to operational deployment, we work side-by-side with local authorities through every stage of the autonomous transport project, ensuring that all requirements are met.
  • Our service comprises the operation, maintenance and management of control centres and sending employees on-site whenever necessary.
  • We can also create apps and all other related digital services for an optimized traveller experience.

International experience

In 2005, we signed our first international agreement to introduce a fleet of autonomous shuttles to Rotterdam’s Rivium business district.

Our presence in 20 countries, across four geographical zones, enables us to implement a tailor-made development plan, managed by a dedicated team, for each autonomous fleet.

The blend of our global vision of mobility and a local anchorage allows us to develop unique solutions that are relevant and tailored to the needs and realities of your regions.


Why choose Transdev?​

Our autonomous transport services are a secure mobility solution both for onboard passengers and those close by.



The innovative nature of autonomous vehicle services can boost the appeal of an area


Our autonomous transport vehicles are fitted with access ramps for people with reduced mobility


Our autonomous transport services fit seamlessly into the existing transport offering


Rural areas, regions with restricted or no access, pedestrianised areas… Autonomous transport services can be adapted to a wide range of situations