Our solutions in Australasia

As a global operator of mobility solutions, we support public transport authorities, customers and businesses in providing safe, flexible and seamless travel solutions.

Safety First

The safety of our customers and our employees is our top priority.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and creating a safety culture that is shared by all of our teams. 


Our solutions for governments and public transport authorities

We partner with governments and public transport authorities to keep communities moving, providing public transport services.

A maintenance partner who’ll keep you moving

We offer civil and facilities maintenance services to transport asset managers and operators through our subsidiary Transdev Maintenance Services.

Our specialist team offers expertise specific to the maintenance of transport networks and associated asset management.


Discover the expertise of our subsidiary Transdev Maintenance Services

Transdev maintenance services trains

Monitoring and management

We support local authorities in all phases of their transportation projects, from upstream to downstream.


Discover the expertise of our subsidiary Transamo


We optimise networks on a daily basis

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Autonomous Transport

As a world leader in shared mobility services, we are convinced that autonomous vehicles will profoundly change the way we move and live.


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Million passengers transported
Million km travelled with Transdev shared transport service
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On Demand Transport: complemting existing transport networks

In addition to traditional public transport solutions, we offer On Demand Transport. We work with partners to design and implement tailor-made solutions for first- and last mile, point to hub and point to point solutions.


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60,000 trips
in first year of Ride Plus and Transdev Link
4.89 out of 5
customer satisfaction rating in Sydney
Transdev Link on demand

A world leader in light rail

Operating 22 networks in 10 countries, we support the renewal of city centres and regional development.

Light rail in six words: environmentally-friendly, rapid, frequent, comfortable, safe, reliable.


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100% electric
light rail is the cleanest motorised mode of transport in the world
Transdev Sydney Light Rail Graffiti passangers

Ferries: Moving people on water

We work in cities with deep connections to waterways like Sydney and Brisbane, operating and maintaining maritime vessels that move people physically and emotionally.

The objective? Reduce congestion in cities and offer passengers an original, rapid, reliable and safe experience… without traffic jams.


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18 million
customers/year in Sydney and Brisbane
13 networks
around the world
transport maritime et fluvial, confort, fiabilité, transdev, mobilité

Rail: essential for liveable cities, now and tomorrow

In a world where public transport is undergoing radical transformation, we see trains as the solution at the centre of connected transport networks in smart cities offering customers more choices to move from A to B such as car-pooling, bus, or bike travel.


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83 million
customers/year in Auckland and Wellington
31 networks
around the world
Auckland trains

Moving people by bus

If you have hopped on a bus in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, chances are you have travelled on a Transdev operated service. Across Australasia and around the world, we are working towards a renewal and revival in bus transport.


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83 million
customers/year in Australia
buses in 13 countries
bus, sydney,transdev,mobilité

Focus on Transdev Link and Ride Plus

  • On Demand ride-share pilots in Sydney, delivered in partnership with Transport for NSW
  • Over 60,000 trips in first year
  • 4.89 out of 5 customer satisfaction rating

Our solutions for business and community organisations

We provide transport solutions for infrastructure projects, businesses, schools and universities, and community organisations. We also offer bus and ferry charter opportunities in Sydney and Brisbane.

Schools and campuses

Schools, cultural or sports outings, transport on campuses: we offer transport services to schools and universities to ensure safe and appropriate travel for everyone from young children to university students


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Looking for school timetable information?

Contact your local Transdev team

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Corporate and employee transport

Connecting workplaces to public transport or making it easier for people to move around industrial sites:
we offer companies, infrastructure projects, industrial sites and campuses safe, clean and innovative solutions to keep employees moving seamlessly.


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Transport hire for any occasion

The best events begin and end with well planned transport.

Whether you are organising a sporting event, school excursion, tour group or special occasion, our bus and ferry charters ensure your guests travel safely and have a seamless journey.


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Children at Transdev LUAS community event

Rail replacement

Buses to replace trains on regular lines or to help mitigate the impacts of construction work or unforeseen events: we offer our road transport expertise to railway companies.


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Our solutions Worldwide

We have developed a broad portfolio of expertise thanks to our truly global footprint, making us a true leader in mobility solutions. We continuously adapt our global solutions to better meet the local needs of our communities and partners.