Transport on Demand: complementary solutions to the existing network

Transport on Demand (ToD) meets specific travel needs to serve low density areas, areas not served by a regular lines or during times of low demand. Proposed in addition to the existing transportation network, it addresses three commitments:

  • help connect remote areas ;
  • offer flexibility and freedom in everyday mobility;
  • help improve social contact through solutions for everyone (populations with atypical schedules, remote areas and on-demand transport solutions for people with reduced mobility).

We are increasingly transforming this offer into connected on-demand transport, which facilitates booking procedures for travellers, allows for real-time information sharing and makes information transmission more fluid for the driver. Now that they have been modernised, our on-demand solutions rely on algorithms and application technologies that we have developed or in partnership with the most successful start-ups on the market.

We work with local authorities to offer tailor-made solutions: the areas to be covered, the customers, the specifications of the on-demand transport network to be implemented, are different for each project. Our adapted solutions cover four types of needs:

  • stop-to-hub: moving from one stop in a defined area to one or more draw points (usually an exchange hub);
  • stop-to-stop: moving from one stop to another stop in a defined area;
  • end of line: moving from a stop on a regular line to a stop in a defined area and vice versa;
  • virtual line: moving from one stop to another on a defined line, only on demand.

Portfolio of expertise First- and last-mile


Chronopro: our 100% digital “stop-to-hub” solution

Attached to the idea of providing travellers with a total freedom of mobility, we have developed Chronopro, a 100% digital solution that promotes the use of public transport regardless of location, need or time:

  • a unique application for all travellers throughout the region;
  • a map centric tool which allows users to visualise the arrival of the vehicle on a map;
  • a real-time interface that allows the driver to communicate any unforeseen events to travellers.

Currently deployed on five networks in France (Vitrolles, Beauvais, Courtabœuf and Mulhouse), Chronopro has already received very positive reviews.

average travel time (Vitrolles)
in trips and -77% of kilometers travelled (Vitrolles)
of CO2/month (Vitrolles)

In concrete terms, Transdev’s on-demand transport is:

  • more than 150 sites in France;
  • of the traditional ToDs and connected ToDs, allowing for the optimisation of routes and services, easier reservations and real-time vehicle visualisation via an application;
  • more than 300 engineers in four technology centres (in France, the Netherlands and the United States) to constantly improve the solutions, test new ones, develop applications and dedicated web sites;
  • teams that work to ensure the proper fit between the product and each region and its complementarity with the existing network.

Integrating carpooling into the existing network

To offer mobility solutions that allow more freedom and flexibility, we partner with the most successful start-ups to keep innovating.


We provide a complementary carpooling offer that integrates into the other modes of transport.

The key features? A complete, multi-modal integration offering travellers a seamless journey.