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Shared autonomous mobility

As a leader in the operating of shared autonomous vehicle systems, we provide passengers and business firms flexible, cost-effective and clean transport solutions for "seamless" travel with no restrictions.


Open innovation

As forward-looking players for new-generation mobility, we firmly believe that innovation requires the input of everyone concerned.


Whether passengers, local authorities or start-ups in this sector, we talk to every one of them on a daily basis to develop solutions for the future.


Did you know?

In 2018, the Car@scol project, initiated by Transdev in collaboration with our partner Groupeer, received the French Mobility Award from the Ministry of Transport. A welcome reward for the efforts we make to deliver greater value to local authorities and to their regions by way of innovation.


We firmly believe that the future belongs to individualised mobility. As pioneers of "MaaS" (Mobility as a Service), we innovate to create digital solutions that help to break down the barriers between forms of transport and offer everyone the greatest possible freedom of movement.


Zero emission
We are committed to the energy transition and aim for increasingly clean transport solutions. Since March 2018, in the Netherlands we have been operating the largest European fleet of electric buses and are now Europe's leading operator for zero-emission mobility solutions.


The GreenZenTag experiment


We help local authorities to reduce air pollution caused by transport. In Grenoble, we spent two months testing the use of micro-captors, fitted on board ten trams and capable of measuring and geo-localising air pollution in real time.
Customer Experience

Our employees, always very involved in their mission, place travellers at the centre of their daily concerns to meet their needs as effectively as possible.


An investment that mirrors our own vision: tailored forms of transport, at customers' request, suited to each need and available at any time.