Transdev launches global Purpose campaign


This week Transdev launched its worldwide Purpose campaign featuring team members from around the world to bring attention to our Group’s Purpose which is “To empower freedom to move every day, thanks to safe, reliable and innovative solutions that serve the common good.”


Transdev started working on formulating a Purpose statement in 2017, involving hundreds of team members from across the Group by holding a series of collaborative workshops around the world including in Sydney.

Our Purpose is what motivates us every day, and it is a compass and a guide for our decisions. The concept of the common good it is central to who we are, and it is for the benefit of the communities we serve and this is something we want every team member to understand and be proud of.

The Purpose campaign aims to focus Transdev team members around the shared objective to contribute to the common good which is the very nature of public transportation. It showcases the contribution of our people and reminds us that every one can make an impact.

Australia and New Zealand is proudly represented in the campaign through:

  • Sally Beltzer, Cameron Bacic, Jim Kyriacopolous and Misho Stojanovski, Sydney bus
  • Jake Gifford, Sydney Ferries
  • Naeem Iqbal, Sydney Light Rail
  • Jake Grundling, Wellington Rail
  • Laura Jones, Transdev Australasia

Our Purpose is embodied by three action verbs and express the essence of how we act; Care, Share, and Dare. They are stronger than passive values, and this is what we want to show with this campaign. It is a campaign that expresses emotion, commitment, and sincerity, like our team members around the world who we also wanted to highlight here.

How can we help you to move forward?