Safety is everyone’s journey


Motorists are being reminded to giveway and share the road with buses, light rail and other public transport services as part of National Road Safety Week (17-23 May).

Research from vehicle manufacturer Ford, suggests that many drivers aren’t as familiar with road rules as they were before the pandemic with many parts of the country staying off the roads and at home during part of 2020 (Ford Australia, 2021).

Transdev Australasia Chief Safety and Assurance Officer Huw Bridges said everyone had a role to play in helping to keep roads safe.    

“Safety on the road is the responsibility of every road user,” Mr Bridges said.

“Our responsibility is to train and help our drivers to be the safest they can be on the road. It’s a collective responsibility we share with private road users, and we encourage everyone to know the rules and to their bit to keep people safe.”

Nationally, it is a requirement for passenger vehicles to giveway to buses, and all passenger transport vehicles display a distinctive driver-side sticker advising of the rule.

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians should take extra caution around train and light rail crossings and motorists should never turn in front of a light rail vehicle. 

Mr Bridges said that by being much smaller and lighter than bus, train or light rail vehicles, passenger vehicles often sustained greater chances of damage or injury in the event of a collision.

“Light rail vehicles weigh the equivalent of 30 rhinos and the average bus weighs the same as 3 African elephants, and they do need additional distance to stop or manoeuvre,” he added.

“Our teams across the country work with schools, road users and government, to deliver education and training to ensure that safety remains top of mind.”

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