Victoria’s first electric bus saves 61.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Image of electric bus in Melbourne network

Victoria’s first locally built, fully electric bus has saved 61.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in its first 300 days of service compared with a standard diesel bus.

Being trialled in Melbourne in partnership with the Victorian Government, the electric bus broke a project record, travelling nearly one thousand kilometres on just two charges, demonstrating the efficiency and range of the 324 kWH of Lithium Phosphate batteries.

The trial has also demonstrated the significant cost saving potential of electric vehicles when comparing the energy costs to charge the electric bus to the fuel costs for a standard Euro 5 model bus.

Ian Craig, Acting Managing Director, Transdev Melbourne said; “We’re proud to be the leading operator of zero-emission buses globally.

“The electric bus has delivered some impressive results so far and the Melbourne trial is delivering some useful insights which help inform what a zero emission bus operation in Victoria could look like.
The feedback from passengers has been very positive and we are looking forward to being able to showcase this technology to more Victorians.”

Last month the electric bus, which has clocked up more than 32,900 kilometres, began phase two of the trial – switching from Route 246 between Elsternwick and Clifton Hill to Route 251 between the City (Queen St) and Northland Shopping Centre.

Route 251 was selected because it is a high frequency route with buses departing every 20 minutes allowing comparison between the performance of other models of standard diesel buses.

The route also offers a range of traffic conditions ensuring the bus is able to perform in different operating environments and is close to Transdev’s North Fitzroy depot allowing the bus to return to the depot for recharging and maintenance.

The trial has been extended until 31 October 2021 and will provide valuable insights for the potential of introducing electric buses across the network.

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