Radio host phones in Light Rail super sleuths

Sydney Light Rail

When Sydneysider Erin Molan realised that she’d left her mobile phone on Sydney’s Light Rail network on the weekend, she didn’t fancy her chances.


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    Unbeknownst to Erin, who is a well-known journalist, radio and television personality, the super-sleuths at Transdev Sydney were on the case.

     Ms Molan was enjoying a weekend ride on Sydney’s newest light-rail, with her Younger Daughter Eliza a light-rail enthusiast. However, the weekend came to a grinding halt when Erin realised her phone had been left on a vehicle.

     Jumping into action, Erin employed the skills of her Partner, a detective, to track down the phone using its ‘Find My Phone’ function but, try as they may, the tram was always one step ahead. 

    Little did Erin know the phone, which contained many sentimental photos, personal details, and high-profile contacts, was already safely secured at Transdev’s Randwick Depot. On her regular end-of-line safety and security vehicles, Driver Ivy discovered the phone and handed it to the Depot Operations Team in accordance with the proper ‘Lost and Found’ processes.

    Keen to find her missing phone, the Nine Network and Today FM Breakfast Show star reached out to our Transdev Sydney Team early on Monday morning while recording her high rating breakfast radio show.

    Not knowing the phone had been safely recovered the day prior our team member Evalee re-assured Erin that we’d do everything we can to reunite her with her much valued possession.

    After a quick scan of lost property and confirmation of the description of the item, our Transdev Sydney Stakeholder and Community Engagement Manager Shaun was able to give Erin, her co-hosts Dave Hughes and Ed Kavalee and thousands of Sydneysiders listening in to the popular breakfast radio show the good news, live on air.

    It was a sweet end too for our Transdev team, with Erin kindly gifting Ivy, Evalee, Shaun and our Journey Makers with chocolates and donuts as gratitude.

    If you ever lose an item on one of our services, make sure you get in contact with us or your public-transport agency, and rest assured our dedicated team of Journey Makers will be doing everything they can to return it to you.

    Erin Molan retrieves her phone with help from Sydney Light Rail team.
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