Transdev celebrates women, embraces equity


Transdev is marking today’s International Women’s Day with celebrations and events across its Australian and New Zealand operations.

Transdev Australasia CEO Luke Agati said this year’s theme, #EmbraceEquity, was an opportunity to reflect on ways to better support gender equity across Transdev operations and the broader transport sector.

“We support an environment that celebrates women and embraces everyone regardless of how they identify,” Mr Agati said.

“Today is about us joining the global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. 

We all need to keep challenging gender stereotypes and have the courage to call out discrimination and bias when we see it.”

 Some of Transdev’s recent efforts in improving equity have so far included:

• Annual pay gap reviews 

• Recruitment shortlist targets ensuring women are considered in any executive role and constitute:  

o 50% of all external shortlisted candidates  

o 35% of internal shortlisted candidates.  

• Policies, such as our Gender-Neutral Parental Leave Policy and Family Domestic Violence Policy & Support 

• Training modules on topics including Unconscious Bias and Workplace Bullying, Sexual Harassment & Discrimination.  

 Mr Agati said Transdev had strong female personnel and embracing equity was a goal worthy of more attention and action.

Evana Ludwig: Business Support Manager, Transdev Western Australia

“Growing up in small town New Zealand, there weren’t any female role models available outside my family. Within the family, my Nana was a tower of strength and the one in charge, for sure. Her passion and empathy engaged and endeared her to others, as well as an exceptional ability to deliver news which – though it might appear harsh – was direct, pragmatic, respected and welcomed by others. I try to apply these childhood lessons in my professional life.

 “Much as I love the thought of being a role model to others professionally, it’s comfort enough that my daughters – and sons – have learned these lessons from me in turn as they’ve grown up.

“For those with the ability or aspiration, transport is an exciting industry best suited to those that thrive in a fast-paced environment. Much like transport itself, the industry is always changing and evolving.

“It’s such a broad business and there’s so much of it to explore – whether in administration, searching for efficiencies and ways to get the best out of our people; or in operations, planning; the possibilities are endless.

 “My advice: remain open to everything and welcome challenges. Utilise the skills you learn along the way as stepping stones; collaborate with your peers and make the most of every day by treating it as a learning opportunity.

“Enjoy what you do! It’s an exciting industry and you’ve every opportunity to make your mark on it.”

Melissa Field: Customer Experience Manager, Transdev John Holland Buses 

I first stumbled across Transdev at the height of my ‘quarter-life crisis’. Taking a complete 360 in my career path and transitioning from the music industry to the transport industry filled me with much uncertainty and, to be honest, a bit of an identity crisis. 

“Fortunately, Transdev took a chance on me and hired me as an intern. From there, I was supported by a range of inspiring managers, teams, learning experiences and professional development opportunities that opened my mind and seriously challenged me to grow at a rate that I never thought possible.

“Opportunities don’t crop up everyday, but when they do, seize them! 

“You may not think you’re ready for it right now, but back yourself and you will be. 

“There is a first time for everything, and the best way to learn is if you throw yourself into the deep-end and learn to swim.”

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