New bus drivers the face of the ‘Great Career Change’

group image of Sydney bus drivers

Across Australia and New Zealand we are seeing more people leaving sectors such as hospitality, customer service and aged care to become bus drivers.

Post-pandemic, industry has seen people reflect on their career pathways to change careers completely.

Transdev operates bus services across Sydney, Brisbane and Perth and is on a recruitment drive to find 200 new drivers to join the growing team.

“Driving a bus is a technical skill that we can teach like any other – we’ve had 1000 people graduate from our Car License Upgrade programs proving that it’s perfectly achievable to attain a Heavy Vehicle License.

“What really matters for bus drivers is good communication and customer service skills.
“It’s also a great opportunity for people to find secure driving work with a competitive salary and be more connected to their community.

We are seeing applications from Uber drivers for example who are seeking that stability,” said Justin Gill, Head of Recruitment at Transdev Australasia.

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