Ferry nice: Transdev team Finalists in customer service award


Transdev’s Sydney Ferries team have been nominated as Finalists in the 2021 Australian Service Excellence Awards due to be held in the next week 

The company’s nomination for the prestigious Customer Service Organisation of the Year Award – Large Business comes following the second consecutive score of 99 percent customer satisfaction for the ferry mode in New South Wales. 

Loretta Lynch, Managing Director at Transdev Sydney Ferries, said providing high levels of customer service was a key motivator for Journey Makers across the business. 

“As people serving people our goal is to provide the best experience possible for our customers,” Ms Lynch said.  

“To achieve this, the fundamentals of customer service have been embedded into every area of our business, regardless of whether the departments are customer-facing or not. 

“Being recognised as a finalist is a shared accolade for all our Journey Makers, regardless of whether they are Crew, Customer Service Officers or General Purpose Hands on the frontline or providing services behind the scenes.”   

The Awards run by the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) are the largest that are dedicated to customer service and experience.  

Ms Lynch said it wasn’t all smooth sailing since reaching the customer satisfaction milestone.  

“Customer service is not something that you can ever set and forget, it is a continual process of listening to and observing your customers and people, finding out what works and what doesn’t and refining your processes appropriately,” she said. 

The 2021 Australian Service Excellence Awards ceremony is being held digitally on 28 October.  

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