Don’t run the risk

An illustration of a person looking at the Light Rail stop near Dixon Street in Sydney is accompanied by text which says 'Don't Run the Risk'.

Transdev Sydney, operator of Sydney’s light rail network is launching a public safety campaign to help keep people safe around light rail vehicles and tram tracks after a spate of near misses and collisions.

In recent times, we’ve witnessed a few heart-stopping incidents where pedestrians, distracted or unaware, walked into the path of oncoming light rail vehicles or ventured across tracks during red lights. It’s moments like these that have inspired the “Don’t Run the Risk” campaign, a collective effort to promote safe travel behaviours.

The campaign will be rolled out across the light rail network and across other customer channels and social media during school holidays when our city also comes alive with families and visitors, both local and international, some of whom may not be familiar with sharing spaces with light rail vehicles.

Our goal is to eliminate risk around the light rail. Think of it as crossing the road—stay aware of your surroundings, look up from your phone, step away from light rail vehicles, and keep your child’s hand firmly in yours.

Whether you’re a pedestrian, or cyclist or using the light rail for your commute, safety paves the way for a memorable journey.

We urge you to share this message far and wide, with your family, friends, colleagues and customers.

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