Committee for Sydney’s International Women’s Day Breakfast

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Today we were proud to sponsor Committee for Sydney’s International Women’s Day breakfast at the International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney).


Martin Stern
Head of Group Communications, CSR and Ethics
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    As a part of the #BalanceforBetter campaign, the event launched a new report called Safety After Dark: Creating a city for women and living in Sydney. The report discusses the experiences of young women living and travelling in cities, and their perception of safety throughout the night.

    We were particularly proud that the report highlighted the great work our Journey Makers on the Sydney Ferries are doing to make a difference to the experiences of young women travelling on public transport. The quote below is from a customer on a Sydney Ferry late at night:

    I travel late nights by ferry and I can honestly say this is the safest transport option in Sydney, I’ve never encountered any harassment and the deckhands who work on them are extremely helpful. And I’ve notice them particularly look out for women traveling by themselves!

    Circular Quay, Age 20

    We need to work together to make our cities safer for women and girls – a more gender balanced world means a better world for everyone.

    Find out more information about Safety after Dark

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