Celebrating diversity in public transport

Rachel, Perth bus

A new campaign will highlight the personal journeys of Transdev’s employees. Proudly described as “Journey Makers”, they all contribute to safe and comfortable journeys every year.


Proudly described as “Journey Makers”, Transdev’s local team of over 5,800 employees provide safe and comfortable customer journeys every day in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Wellington connecting friends and families to where they live, work and play.

The employee stories, across bus, light rail, ferry and rail, reflect a changing face of the public transport industry which is seeing more people discover its diverse and rewarding career pathways.

Transdev’s Director of People & Culture and Corporate Communications Paul Birch, said a desire to work in a sector that makes a real difference to customers’ daily lives and communities forms a common thread binding the stories together.

“There is a clear and unwavering dedication to providing memorable customer journeys, and an ethos of continuously challenging yourself and your company to be better that really shines through in our employees’ stories.

“We’re very proud of the campaign, but most importantly we’re proud of our diverse team and the contribution they make to the liveability of our cities in Australia and New Zealand,” he said.  

The inspiring stories of Transdev’s Journey Makers are featured on our YouTube channel and Our Journey Makers page.

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