Buslink VIVO gets more than 15 million to work in Darwin


We helped workers in Australia’s top-end get to work through our Buslink VIVO partnership, safely delivering more than 15 million journeys from 2013 to 2019.  Our partnership with Buslink and the Hannon family, Buslink VIVO buses operated in all weather conditions, transporting passengers from Darwin to the construction site for the Ichthys Project Onshore Liquid Natural Gas facilities.

For over six years the Transdev and Buslink partnership was the trusted mobility partner of companies and institutions wanting to access the site. Our fleet of up to 220 coaches helped to transport workers a combined total of more than 41 million kilometres to and from industrial sites and special events.

Transdev’s Chief Business Development Officer Peter Lodge acknowledged the successes of the Buslink project.

“We were able to achieve some amazing results in a fairly short timeframe, which is a real credit to the team at Buslink VIVO and its CEO Tony Hopkins,” Mr Lodge said.

“Local engagements with our project partners To Buslink and the Hannon Family were crucial to the long success of the project.

“We are proud to have welcomed some of the great talent from the Buslink VIVO partnership into the Transdev family, including Kirsten Jongsma, Keith McArtney and Meagan Townsend who are all now making valuable contributions to our businesses in Sydney and Melbourne.”


Although the Buslink VIVO service have ceased, Transdev are continuing to look for new opportunities to partner with and provide mobility solutions for more communities across Australia and New Zealand. 

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