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Central Station - The Star - John Street Square - Wentworth Park - Glebe - Jubilee Park - Leichhardt - Lewisham - Fish Market - Rozelle Bay - Lilyfield

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The Applicant hereby applies for permission to carry out the works described above. The Applicant acknowledges that applications and permits may be subject to charges, payable by the Applicant. The Applicant will hold Transdev Sydney Ltd. harmless with regards to any damage or loss incurred due to the works. This application does not remove the requirement on the applicant for any other statury approval. Submission of this form by electronic transmission will be taken as agreeing to this and conditions as may be detailed by the Light Rail Operator.

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  • A method statement (SWMS)/Risk Assessment detailing how the work isto be carried out and how the risk will be mitigrated.
  • An equipment list and location map.
  • A copy of your certificate of public liability.

If required please provide in addition environmental and/or heritage statements.
Please contact [email protected] for further information regarding these documents.

Transdev collects this information to manage your request and our commercial relations. The fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. As a reminder, you have the right to access your data, to rectify it and to request its deletion. You can exercise your rights at the following address: [email protected]. For more information, click here.


Off Track Permit (OFT)

  • For works that take place further than 1.25m away from the outside track and on an area managed by Transdev.
  • Works will not import risk into the light rail network. i.e. stop cleaning, paver repairs greater than out of the danger zone with risk mitigation, i.e. barriers to protect workers in place.

On Track Permit (ONT)

  • For works that take place within 1.25m of the track or on the track.
  • Must have a PICOW in charge of works. Stop Boards, Spotters etc may be required in order to deal with the risk of moving trams, or controlling the work zone for stopped trams.
  • The PICOW must be in radio contact with the OCC at all times.

Isolation Permit (ISO)

  • For works that have the potential to be within 3m of the overhead traction power system.
  • Must have a PICOW in charge of works, the isolated area is demarcated with isolation limit boards locked onto the track.
  • For works that require entry into traction power pits.

Substitution Permit (SUB)

  • For works that take place within or on a substation, Backup OCC(BOCC) or in a Technical Room.
  • APTP is in charge of works occurring under this permit type.
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