Wayne Richards

"There’s an absolute commitment to the safety of our people and passengers. Technology and knowledge from overseas helps us stay ahead of the curve.” Wayne, General Manager Risk, Safety and Sustainability
Wayne Richards General Manager Risk, Safety and Sustainability in Melbourne, began his career in aviation. He worked as an engineer at Qantas, but seeing an opportunity to make a difference in the community, he made the jump to the public transport sector.

One of Wayne’s key roles is ensuring all customers and staff have a safe, reliable and comfortable journey, but Wayne sees things slightly differently. “Safety has moved from being an overhead to contributing directly to the success of the business, mainly because it identifies areas for improvement.” Seeing safety as a proactive opportunity rather than a reactive challenge is driving big changes in the way Transdev implements new ideas and technology.


And according to Wayne we need to continue to bring technologies alive. “Health and safety is becoming more about data as we move from incident management to risk management. Technology can help make this even more efficient, with safety performance being tracked in real time. We also have apps that make roster management easier.”


With the support of a global company like Transdev, Wayne can take technology that’s been developed all over the world and apply it to local operations across Australia and New Zealand.  “There’s an absolute commitment to safety from the very top, from MDs to our CEO, and sharing knowledge from overseas helps us stay ahead of the curve.”


Above all, Wayne has always been passionate about connecting people. It makes him proud to know his work has a real impact on the local community. “Thinking about the customer base, not only do you have commuters but also non-commuters who are trying to go about their daily lives – to go to the doctor or dentist, or to see their grandchildren. We’re responsible for making these journeys safer.”

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