Matt Wharton

"I'm part of a supportive team from all different walks of life. The mentoring I've had has been fantastic". Matt, Mechanic.
Matt is profoundly deaf but hears well thanks to a cochlear implant. He has come a long way at Transdev and attributes his success to the nurturing he received from other mechanics as a trainee.

“During my apprenticeship, I combined time at TAFE with time in the workshop. The mentoring I got here was fantastic. Becoming a qualified mechanic is my greatest achievement. In fact, not only am I the first person in my family to be a tradie; I’m the first to have an advanced qualification. Transdev have really looked after me these past 12 years and I have no regrets.”

Matt says the ongoing support he and his colleagues get from management, feeds their success and happiness. “I feel really lucky to have been mentored by so many of the older mechanics during my time here and I owe a lot to their expertise. I have mates who work for other companies and they get nothing like the support we get. Fleet managers’ doors are always open, whether it’s personal or work related.” And Matt works with people from around the world. “I go to work, finish the job and get along with everyone. From New Zealand, the UK, South Africa… All different walks of life.”

Being part of a growing global organisation offers Matt good job security and conditions. “It’s different to working for a small, local or private company where, if you’re lucky enough to stay employed, you could be stuck doing the same thing and never learn new skills. Plus, it’s a pretty big job with 129 buses at the depot. Working for a worldwide company is really reassuring. I’ve recommended it to my brother, who just finished work experience here!”

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