Chloe Lingard

“My work's always in the public eye. I feel like I’m really contributing to building a more accessible city.” Chloe, Projects Officer
Chloe has three new projects which continue to provide her with challenging work and growing responsibility. “One involves a tender process assessing five different suppliers for Transport NSW and another contributing to the setting up a safety management system for maintenance services.”

Chloe believes her passion, commitment and professional pride are the essential ingredients behind her success at Transdev. Safety for passengers and people is crucial, so Chloe ensures onsite contractors meet every safe working requirement. “I check that their documents are in order and monitor their work to ensure they follow the right procedures.” Chloe’s work is always in the public eye; people notice changes and safety remains a constant.


Transdev project coordinators use technology every day. Maximo, the Transdev maintenance management system, tracks progress and offers Chloe the tools she needs in a fast-paced, time pressured environment. It helps her to reduce costs, deliver projects on time and maintain attention to detail. It automatically alerts her to problems so she can quickly dispatch engineers to solve them. In addition, she is supported by a full-time Maximo expert who answers her questions and provides ongoing mentoring.


Transdev is now involved in developing Sydney’s light rail; including making assessments on how best to implement and maintain it as the network grows . “I feel like I’m really contributing to building a more accessible city,” says Chloe. She adds, “Working at Transdev is different to what I thought it would be and I really enjoy both the diverse range of projects, and my interactions with so many different stakeholders every day.”

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