Ajenta Conrad

“We work with a variety of organisations and individuals. It requires flexibility, and good people skills." Ajenta, Environmental Specialist
With a background in environmental consultancy, Ajenta brings a wealth of experience to the team that’s providing sustainable transport to the areas of Sydney that Transdev serves.

Ajenta’s role is constantly evolving as she’s presented with new and stimulating challenges from a wide range of stakeholders, including local councils and schools. “Day-to-day, we work with a variety of organisations and individuals, each with their own interests and ideas. It requires flexibility, and good people skills – it’s a hard-working environment.”

As Ajenta puts it, it’s all part of the ‘Can Do’ attitude that the Transdev team bring to work. “It’s an open culture, so internal recruitment and development is possible if you have the right attitude. We celebrate good performance.”Ajenta has always bought her best to work, but what’s more impressive is her ability to go that extra mile.

Since working at Transdev Ajenta has been actively involved in a number of community projects – such as the Bandicoot Awareness campaign where she sighted and studied threatened species, helping the local community and Transdev co-exist with their furry friends. She’s also been involved in the ‘Make NSW Beautiful’ project – focusing on reducing litter across the network. For Ajenta, every day is full of surprises. “I never expected to be involved in projects with these types of opportunities given my line of work.”

With support from her team, Ajenta has the ability to innovate, manage action plans and understand legal issues, to help bring new solutions to the table. One example is the implementation of solar technology across the light rail network to improve efficiency and reduce Transdev’s carbon footprint.

However, it’s not just technical breakthroughs in transport infrastructure that’s exciting Ajenta. Large data sets and advanced software systems help create a seamless working environment for Ajenta and her team to manage assets and any defects on the network. “We’re a very customer-focused business. Without investing in these new technologies and sharing best-practice ideas with our international Transdev colleagues, we wouldn’t be able to offer passengers the best, most sustainable experience.”

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